Sunday, February 25, 2007

QLx3-Quantum Leap Network

1. After a lot of research, no matter where you live in this world, you cannot afford to miss this. This is passive, residual income. You will want to listen to the audio recorded calls below and/or the recorded message. You can also attend the live calls. The reason that time is critical is because the Private Group is limiting the initial membership to 3000 Charter members and there are some major benefits to being a Charter member. You will find out about all the benefits by listening to the call (s). We do not have an affiliation with this company other than being a member like you will be.

In order to make money you will have to pay a one time $49 fee to join Thereafter, the member dues are $15/month. After your initial payment, you should never need to pay anything out of pocket again. Steps you can take to save time: 1. Review all the information at . Listen to the calls both recorded and live.

To ensure you get access to the exclusive Private Group investments which will be offered sometime the first quarter of 2007, you need to do the following:Join for FREE

2. Your free position does NOT entitle you to earn anything until you UPGRADE your membership. This costs a one time upgrade fee of $49 E-Bullion E-currency. When you have your E-Bullion, just click ‘Upgrade’ in your back office and follow the procedure.

3. Once you are upgraded, you may now join the Private Group, and be in a position to access the exclusive investments when they are made available. Currently the annual fee for this is $50 E-Bullion E-currency. This will increase to $100 at some stage.

4. To remain active in QL and have continuing access to OPG and PG, there is a monthly fee of $15 E-Bullion, but this will likely come out of your matrix earnings - they keep $15 back to pay this automatically for you.

5. There is no obligation to recruit anyone, so you can be completely passive. Obviously, those that share it will pick up more commissions, but as QL membership puts you in a forced matrix, there is every chance of overspill, so passives will no doubt pick up some commission this way.

Quantum Leap, and especially the access to 1% daily investments with deposits insured against loss, is a big winner.

This is why it is important to take maximum advantage of a program that appears to have great potential. To get started join for FREE then Upgrade

Some very useful background information :
Focuses on the Quantum Leap program. (51 minutes)
General discussion about the benefits of taking
an active role in QLx3 (18 minutes)
Explanation of the QLx3 comp plan (21 minutes)
Quantum Leap mission statement (8 minutes)

Folks who cannot access these messages online can listen
to a recorded phone presentation at this number....

218-936-1005 - PIN 102991#

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